The Cage

1 mar
Sinan Džaferović

We often tend to be really judgemental and hard on ourselves and problem
begins when we cross those borders, because over those limitations we
think that we are never good enough and that's the problem. Some people
never shine because they are always throwing that shade on themselves,
their work or what they create. Is it because fear of other's opinions?
Is it because they think that someone will laugh at them of what they
are creating? If you carefully think, there are probably hundreds of
Tesla's who are afraid to express themselves of what they create. It is
unfortunate to see that imagination and creation are killed by outer
world because you're different in any kind, shape or form and you're not
confident enough to push yourself forward. If you're shy, others will
stomp on you, leaving the trace of trauma on your mentality forever.
Society never accepted anyone who differs from others, unless they're
successful. If you're a successful than that hate goes away and turns
into acceptance of who you really are and how weird you are. But in
order to get to that point, you must go through pain, disappointment and
hell to get where you want to be and that's where a lot of people along
with ambitions fall apart and that's where you start doubting yourself
that you're not good enough. Not everything is permanent in this life
nor its pain or darkness that is levitating above your head. Break
barriers, leave an impact on history, push forward to that point where
someone is writing about you and your work later on. Allow yourself to
break that fence and allow your mind to evolve. Bird in the cage thinks
that flying is illness. Don't be that bird, free yourself from that

— Svi stavovi i mišljenja izraženi u tekstu su isključivo autorova i ne odražavaju uredničku politiku platforme Hoć —

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