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Adna Sloboda

Every autumn reminds us of someone we love or we used to. I remember when i met him, it was autumn 2015. I wasnt old enought to have anything with him. He was 3 years older and had his own life. But sometimes I feel that he wants to say something. He always give me some sign. Maybe he loves me too, but who knows. The first time we talk was spring, this year 2019. He didnt show any interests about me.

I loved this time of a year, when the wind gently touches my face some kind of warmth surround me. Spring is also the best time of a year. It always comes after winter; after those deadly cold days. For me it was lovely season, it all reminded me of him. But i was unloved by his cols side; cold, but attractive and beautiful. He want some kind of attention, but dont want to see it at the same time. Spring will be our season. Nobody has to know, he will be my untold secret.

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