Remember to live

28 dec
Sinan Džaferović Vaajpa

Sometimes people forget how to live and they become so acustom to pretty reckless way of life interwined with fear and anxiety of becoming worst enemies for themselves which will ruin their lives, but most of the time they cannot smell themselves as they are becoming the worst for themselves. Most people are finding consolasion by pretending that they are something which they are not or they will never become. As the Confucious said – „We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one“, but sometimes we are so blinded and distracted of looking lives of others that we forget to look at our own and that is the saddest thing ever, because time is a fluid, unstoppable dimension that we cannot stop and sometimes it passes right beside ouselves that we come in the age where we ask ourselves “In what did I waste my life all of these Years?“ – and that's where we realise that we are too old to do anything which we wanted to do as Young adults. People are always saying like ˝Memento mori˝which means “Remember that You will die“, but I like to say Remember to live, because every single of us will die some day, but remember to live! Your life will end at some point, but Did You Love? How did You live? What are the experiences that You've had in Your life or Have You created any memories with the people that You love and that love Yourself? – Sometimes we are so scared and anxious or depressed that we either look at far future, or think about the past that we forget to live right now and NOW is something which passes us every day by repeating the same mistakes. Have a cup of coffee, laugh and cry with people which are important in Your life and never burn bridges with the people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for Yourself. Burn bridges with those who are having malevolent thoughts towards Yourself or who are toxic in particular; also avoid people who are gaslighting You, who are saying that Your every thought or action or emotional condition is Your fault without seeing their actions which caused it. There is no need to fight or argue with them, because those people are forged like that and You can never change their opinions on certain things. Just distance Yourself and burn that bridge which is making Yourself feeling miserable. Be aware of Your actions and words also because You will be able to scan Your mistakes and in that way, You will have the abillity to fix Yourself into a better person. Remember to live, to love, to forgive those who hurt You in the first place and never be Vengeful. Have some dignity in Yourself and be respectful towards Yourself. Do everything You thought of doing; it is good as long as it does not hurts others. Express Your opinions and meet a lot of different types of personalities to be able to meet Yourself. Also, doing a lot of things in different fields will help You meet the right thing that You want to do and never consider that You learned everything or met everyone, because we are students throughtout the whole life. It is also important to be humble, with feet on the ground while Your head is up above the clouds. People for most of their times thinking about the future and they are visualising scenes that will never happen and with that, they get anxious and worried, so their body sweats, they want to cry and they are shaking – even sometimes they cannot eat. On the other hand, other type of people is depressive and they have strong bonds with their past which they cannot let go, so they are emotionally interwined with the people that they have left in the past or with the situations that had many possibilities of going in different directions and they cannot forgive themselves for picking the wrong choice. Living in the present and being present right now means to live in peace and harmony. Now, do not think that someone else's life is far better because that they are accepted in some kind of university or even a job, because everyone struggles with their own problems and everyone is fighting a battle that we don't know, so that's another tip – Be kind to everyone because the most people are nowdays damaged and they are fighting some battle which they don't talk about. Everyone's at war and everybody tries to make a living and to put a bread on the table, or someone is trying to love themself and sometimes we are the problem of ruining their effort for trying to Love themselves. Remember to live and to be humble, to be open minded, try understand people by looking the one thing from different perspectives. Think of Yourself, but do not be selfish because being selfish means being arrogant, and being arrogant means being egocentric and being egocentric means stepping over people in order to acheive something only for Yourself no matter the concenquences, even stepping over the dead bodies and that is how You ruin Yourself quickly. Be kind, be selfless, give love and be a learner who accepts everything to learn; and that means to be versatile in many feilds. And most importantly – be Yourself and always change for better, always be ready for upgrade and update Yourself into better version of Yourself and Don't Judge others. Firstly see Your actions and judge Yourself before You judge everyone else and let the Divine force to judge others for their actions, that is NOT Your job. What Your job is mentioned above. Spread Love, be Yourself, don't be afraid of change, spread positivity and think about today. Not about Yesterday, not about tomorrow, think about today. Analyse Yourself and solve problems. Have at least one creative outlet for Your negative energy, but never let Yourself to become that one toxic person who is egocentric and angry of World because of its own actions. If You see someone struggle to climb uphill, help them without thinking twice, but do not expect anything in return and do not film it just for veiws or likes, that is just a horrible thing to do. Be virtuous and be useful and use Your time for upgrade. It is not a hard thing to do if You have any will to become better than now or better than before. Humble, Virtuous, Kind and Mindfull.


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