Moving on

12 feb
Mirha Bešlagić

‘Moving on’ sounds so simple at first but is

probably the hardest thing to do in the

world. It always is the first plan that everyone

has. The first idea everyone comes up with.

The only solution everyone thinks there is.

But no. You cannot just ‘move on’. It doesn't

work like that. You have to be tortured first.

You have to cry rivers first. You have to feel

pain and get hurt first, in order to be able to

‘move on’. You have to have been dead first

in order to start a new life. You have to have

read the last chapter of the book in order to

start a new story. You have to have been

broken first in order to be put back together,

piece by piece. You cannot just move on

because someone said so. It takes weeks,

months, yes even years in order to be fully

ready to move on. So don't feel like you have

to move on right now, right here.

Give yourself a chance to fully recovery.

Give yourself all the time you need in order

to be fully ready for what's to come next.

Make yourself a priority first, in order to fully

commit to whatever the hell you want to.

And don't worry, you'll move on.

It might not be now, not in the next few months,

but eventually. Trust me.

— Svi stavovi i mišljenja izraženi u tekstu su isključivo autorova i ne odražavaju uredničku politiku platforme Hoć —

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