A Girl With the Pink Hat

19 aug
Amina Hubjer

There she was,
on the street,
a girl with the pink hat.
She sang the song,
the song of love.
A five foot two girl
covered in the pink hat,
and pink suit.
She walked like she wanna tell
the world untold song of hers,
the song of life.
I saw her eyes
they shined brightly in the dark.
She passed by me
holding the guitar,
giving a mysterious smile,
like she wanna tell me a song of hers,
the song of love.
“Call me Joanne”
she whispered.
Then she disappeared,
in the dark,
leaving me a memory.
A memory of a girl with the pink hat,
who wanna tell the song of hers,
the song of life.
Lost in the north of America.

—Svi stavovi i mišljenja izraženi u tekstu su isključivo autorova i ne odražavaju uredničku politiku platforme Hoću.ba. —

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