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Come and join us for our next international language exchange meeting, from 20:00 to 23:00 on the ZOOM web conferencing platform:

Meeting ID: 630 267 965 Pass: 498836

At it, you will practice languages with people from all over the world, make new friends and have great fun. Our hosts will welcome you and introduce you to nice people in a very friendly and fun atmosphere.

Come and join us for our regular gathering of locals, expats, and travelers, all coming for the same reason, to practice languages in a friendly environment with native speakers or people with the same language interests. And most importantly, to have fun while doing that. We bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. The atmosphere is very relaxed and open to learning. We welcome everyone who’s polite, friendly and open-minded.

After you join, first of all, sign in. We will ask you for your name, your native language, and the languages you are interested in. After that, we will show you to the chat room of your desired language or form a new one, if that room hasn’t been set yet. Don’t be shy and tell us about all the languages you’re interested in, especially the rare ones. We can’t promise you to find a match every time, but we are always happy when we manage to set a chat room for not that popular and mainstream language.

In every chat room, there will be a sign, which will represent the language that will be used in that particular room. The only rule is to use that language to communicate in the chat room. You decide everything else. You can bring your notes or textbook and study hard, you can play games or you can just chat with others. Or if you are a total beginner, you can just listen to the conversation and try to understand it. It’s always up to the people in the room.

You can join any room you want, you can stay there as long as you want. You can switch to another room anytime you want and you can try as many rooms as you want. You can join us with a friend, but don’t be shy to join alone. Most of us did, so we were in your shoes. We will help you to break the ice in a matter of minutes. You can join the meeting anytime, but since it’s a public event and there is no registration in advance required, we never know how many people will show up and we can’t guarantee you a place if you come too late.

If this will be your first meeting, try as many rooms and languages as you can, to get the spirit. If you’ll become a regular member, in the long run, expect to be asked to be the native speaker in the chat room from time to time, who helps the others. It’s very interesting and beneficial for learners to just listen to the native speaker‘s constructions of sentences, accents, and vocabulary. And everyone here does his or her part. That’s what language exchange is all about.

The entrance is free.

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