West Balkan Alumni Association: Prva generalna skupština u Albaniji

16 jan
Rok prijave 17.01.2019

With the support of the European Commission, the Western Balkans Alumni
Association (WBAA) will be organising its 1st General Assembly in
Tirana, Albania, on 15-16 March 2019. The event will gather over 130
students and alumni from WBAA. Moreover, higher education stakeholders,
ministry representatives, EU officials and business representatives
will be present.

Western Balkans Alumni Association is a non-profit and non-governmental
organisation targeting students and alumni of the Western Balkans,
namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The aim of WBAA is to establish a strong union of alumni coming from
the Western Balkans in order to provide a forum which enables the
exchange experiences and best practices as well as empowers young
The deadline for submitting your application is Thursday, 17.01.2019
(transport is organized for participants from BiH)

The link to the application form can be found here:


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