Webinar: Kako prepoznati lažne vijesti?

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Rok prijave 12.09.2020


14-21 September 2020 | https://courses.trainingclub.eu/, Romania

Participants in this course will learn why fake news is an important issue and how the news are fabricated to transmit certain messages. This Fake News Course will help you to distinguish between credible news sources and identify information biases.

The diversity of news distributed via social media communication channels exposes citizens, especially youth, to large scale disinformation including misleading and false information.

Propaganda, misinformation and Fake news have the potential to polarise public opinion, to promote violent extremism and hate speech and, ultimately, to undetermined democracies and reduce trust in the democratic processes.

In this context, tehre is a reduced level of commitment of youth in evaluating social media news. With this in mind, we aim to help youth workers to empowering young people to evaluate fake news and detect disinformation campaigns across social networks and the online environment.

You will learn strategies to identify and check the accuracy of news and also you will learn methods to avoid sharing Fake News.

These analytical skills will help you for the rest of your life! You will never be tricked by Fake News!

Please self-register on the platform at https://courses.trainingclub.eu/ and join the Fake News course.

Deadline: 12 September 2020

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More information here

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