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Visual Media Factory® is looking for creative, proactive, and talented people to join our team and help us grow and scale-up properly! You will be a key part of our global campaigns and will be directly involved in the growth of our company. If you have a vision of what the business needs to succeed and seasoned skills, you could work closely with our top tier clients, startups, projects and more! Working with our team and our company gives you the funding, insights, knowledge, tools, training and support you will need to improve your skills and compete in the digital world!

As a digital agency that has space and the ability to adapt, we will also hire skilled people that show us why we need them with a cover letter! Applicants must be living in Bosnia & Herzegovina and also be under 30 years of age. All of the listed positions are meant to be full-time jobs with above-average salaries and the opportunity to advance and grow with a smart and fast-paced team! The interviews will be done in two phases. The first phase will be a formal introduction and background check, while the second will be used as a skill and creativity test.

All applicants will need to sign NDA agreements to proceed to the video interview.

We offer you:

A promising company
Challenging projects
Stable investors & funds
Loyal clients around the world
Flexible working hours
Learning and self-development opportunities
Team building days and weekends

We accept applications until May 31.

Please send your CV and cover letter explaining why YOU will be a great addition for our team @ [email protected]

Find more information here.

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