Važnost STEM obrazovanja

10 jun
The appropriately termed panel “The Importance of STEM Education” is a panel that will be conducted with varying members of the Amgen program and related educators within the STEM field.
Amgen Inc. is an American multinational bio-pharmaceutical company with an incredible repute as one of the most successful and greatest independent biotechnology companies. The panel wishes to incorporate various individuals from educationally relevant backgrounds that will have a discussion on the relevance of STEM-centered learning and how the 21st century is implementing these tools and necessities.
It will cover academic facts, general misconceptions and have a unique take on the particularities of STEM.
Ona Ambrozaite: Chemistry Ph.D. Student in the Kempa Group at Johns Hopkins University | Amgen Scholar
Lisa M.P. Munoz: Founder & President of SciComm Services, Inc.
Amina Kurtović Kozarić Ph.D. Professor of Genetics, Department of Clinical Pathology, Cytology and Human Genetics, Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo
Lejla Gurbeta Pokvić Ph.D., Technical Director at Verlab; Assistant Professor at International Burch University
DATE: 14. June 2021
TIME: 19.00
More information you can find on the LINK
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