UnlockeD – A training course on Design Thinking

17 jan
Rok prijave 10.02.2023

UnlockeD is a 7-day training course that aims to introduce and practice an innovative problem-solving methodology and mindset (Design Thinking), which starts and ends with community needs.

We are often faced with wicked problems, challenges, and issues that we feel we cannot overcome. Everything is changing rapidly, the world has become a place where problem-solving has become a must in our everyday lives, especially in youth work. Although it’s age, design thinking is still considered an innovative method, as not many youth professionals and youth organizations use it in their everyday life. We created this training journey for like-minded youth workers to explore the power of this mindset and methodology.

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– to create a space for 30 youth workers to explore the methodology and mindset of design thinking
– to experience designing “products” based on local needs
– to enhance skills strongly related to creativity (such as: inquiry and observation, thinking outside of the box, brainstorming, resourcefulness, collaboration)
– to provide opportunities and support for participants to tackle their own, professional problems and create solutions
– to practice involvement and inclusion of individuals during teamwork.

This training is for you if you…

– are a youth worker, youth professional, or volunteer of a youth organization
– have min. 3 years of experience
– are over 18 and able to communicate fluently in English
– have a wicked problem related to your profession, that is specific, with many interdependent factors making it seem impossible to solve and you are willing to work on it during the training with others
– you are a resident in one of the EU countries or The Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, or Georgia.

We will give priority to those who are part of a youth organization or community, but this is an open-call training, meaning a partner organization will be assigned to you upon your selection.

Starting Date
  • 11/03/2023 12:00 am

Ending Date
  • 18/01/2023 12:00 am
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