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14 feb
Rok prijave 23.03.2020

Alongside the American Federation of Teachers and based on Kerry Kennedy’s book Speak Truth To Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World, our middle and high school filmmaking competition encourages students to become engaged in human rights through video production.

2020 Judges

Kerry Kennedy, President of Robert. F Kennedy Human Rights
Kailash Satyarthi, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Martin Sheen, Award-winning actor
Alfre Woodard, Award-winning actor, Humanitarian and Activist

Deadline is 11:59 PM EST on March 23.


  1. Select a Human Rights Defender from the STTP Curriculum or choose a local Defender from your community who has worked to defend, promote, protect or advance human rights locally, nationally, or internationally. You can also find a list of Defenders here.
  2. Check out previous contest winners and have a look at a few resources to learn more about editing, lighting, sound, and camera work.
  3. Create a 3-5 minute video that utilizes creative storytelling to teach others about a human rights issue, and follow the submission guidelines below. The format is open to documentary, stop motion, narrative, digital photo essay or other innovative explorations.
  4. Make sure your film follows Copyright & Fair Use rules.
  5. Submit your video on our website! Contest winners will be announced at the end of March 2020!
  6. Spread the word about the contest through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to let everyone know how art can create a more just and peaceful world!

Films should creatively answer the following questions:

  • What is the human rights issue?
  • How did the STTP Defender attempt to improve the situation?
  • What is the connection between your chosen defender and the work of RFK? (students can use quotes, archival footage or include a connection in the film’s narration)
  • How does the HR issue relate to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
  • How is this work connected to the student’s local community?
  • What is the current status of the HR issue?
  • What can the activist’s life teach us?

More information is available here.

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