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28 mar
Rok prijave 15.04.2021


Civilian Research and Development Foundation Global  organizuje veoma zanimljivo takmičenje – hackathon za studente tehničkih fakulteta na Balkanu. Grupa studenata, djelujući kao tim zadužena za cyber sigurnost, brani virtuelne infrastrukturalne objekte, štiteći njihov integritet i sigurnost. Pobjednicima će biti dodijenjene nagrade, uključujući i putovanje u Sjedinjene Američke Države u tekućoj godini.

Krajnji rok za prijavu je 14. april 2021. godine

Link za prijavu: https://docs.google.com/…/13SJRtJNruwx3EOl8…/viewform…

Više informacija u nstavku teksta:

What is a Hackathon competition?

The event looks like ‘Capture The Flag’ (CTF) event, in which teams try to complete as many challenges as they can, completing a challenge earns the team a flag or action which scores the team points. The team with the most points at the end of the Hackathon competition time is the winner.

1.The target is “Smart City” system with a set of IoT and similar devices.

2. What kind of flag you mean? Flag will have format flag {ThiIsFlag}. You can find it               at any place in any system.

3. What kind of action you mean? Every time you believe that you are ready to force               any device to make something unnormal – do it. Near the device management                   functions or executing it you can find a flag.

4. Who tracks scores? Automated system which you need to register the day before                 Hackathon competition.

5. Are any limitations? Yes. BruteForce password attack is prohibited. Denial-of-                      Service/Distributed-denial-of-service attacks are prohibited.

6. What can we win? The winning team will be awarded with valuable educational                 certificates (such as ion CEH /CND /INE (upon winners’ choice). And will have the               right to participate in the next stage of Septembers` 2021 competition.

7. How many people should be in teams? From two to four students.

8. Can non-student be a part of the team? No.

9. What types of challenges should we expected? You can expect about 10 challenges of the following categories: Web Networking Forensics Crypto Coding Reversing Exploit

10. Can we share answers? Absolutely not! Any sharing or trading of answers will disqualify all teams involved. Trading flags or asking other teams for help is completely against the nature of the event and ruins the fun for everyone.

11. What do we to start the Hackathon competition? You need to have your laptop/computer with access to the internet. You will have the VPN access to the virtual environment.

12. What if there is a complaint on the day? The governing rules of all our events are – Play fair and have fun.

13. I’ve another question, can you help? If you have any further questions then please feel free to email us and we’ll be only happy to try help you find the answer [email protected]

During the Hackathon competition you will have a channel to speak with judges and support team.

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