UCC vacancy Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher for RRING and GRRIP projects

18 maj

Institutional Background: 

Applications are invited for the post of senior post-doctoral researcher in Marine Energy to join the MaREI Centre in University College Cork (UCC), based at Environmental Research Institute’s Beaufort Building in Ringaskiddy. MaREI is a key research centre within UCC’s Environmental Research Institute (ERI) which is an internationally recognised Institute for environmental research dedicated to the understanding and protection of our natural environment and to developing innovative technologies, tools and services to facilitate a transformation to a zero carbon and resource efficient society. The MaREI Centre is an SFI funded research centre headquartered in the ERI in UCC. The MaREI Centre includes 7 other Universities and Third Level Institutes, has 50 industrial partners and has research funding of approximately €55m. It combines the expertise of a wide range of research groups and industry partners, with the shared mission of solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the marine and renewable energy spaces. MaREI is also funded by SEAI, EI, EPA, ERDF, EU, HEA, Marine Institute, DCCAE and IRCSET IRC, as well as through contributions from our industry partners. Researchers in the MaREI Centre have over 30 years of experience in conducting fundamental and applied research supported by competitively won national and international funding, and commercial contracts with government agencies and industry. MaREI’s strengths lie in the multi-disciplinary nature of its research teams, allowing it to combine insights across areas such as MRE Technologies, Materials & Structures, Observations & Operations, Coastal & Marine Systems, Bioenergy, Energy Policy & Modelling, and Renewable Energy Management.

Project background:

We are seeking an enthusiastic senior post-doctoral researcher with experience of the H2020 programme to contribute to the successful delivery of the RRING and GRRIP Projects (www.rring.eu / www.grrip.eu ). RRING is a 3-year project that commenced in May 2018 and has 21 partners with UCC coordinating the project and leading in a number of work packages. GRRIP is a 4-year project that commenced in January 2019 and has 11 partners with UCC coordinating the project and leading in a number of work packages.

The aim of the RRING project is to bring Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into the linked up global world to promote mutual learning and collaboration in RRI. This will be achieved by the formation of the global RRING community network and by the development and mobilisation of a global Open Access RRI knowledge base. RRING will align RRI to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global common denominator. The goal of this project is that each region of the world is acknowledges that it is advancing its own agenda on RRI. Therefore, RRING will not be producing a Global RRI framework or strategy that is meant to be enforced in a top-down manner. Rather, increased coherence and convergence in RRI will be achieved via a bottom-up approach, learning from best practices in RRI globally and from linkages, via the new RRING community, to develop the RRI linked-up world.

The aim of GRRIP is to embed sustainable RRI practices in 4 research performing organisations (RPO) and 1 dual function RPO and research funding organisation (RPO/RFO) (total 5 RPO&RFO) in the marine and maritime sectors through Action Plans (AP) for institutional and cultural change.  This will be accompanied by establishing a platform for engagement with the Quadruple Helix (QH) for each RPO&RFO, and a platform for mutual learning between the 5 RPO & RFOs and QHs.

As such applicants should have demonstrable experience of RRI, most likely a background in, or an expert understanding of, social sciences and proven project administration / management experience preferably obtained in an EU funded project environment. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the scientific delivery for UCC and to also assist with the project management of the both projects during the first 12 months with a view to delivering on both the research and project management requirements for the GRRIP project thereafter.

Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher

This is an advanced research training role, building on their prior experience as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in UCC or elsewhere, where you will conduct a specified programme of research and research training under the guidance of a Principal Investigator. The primary purpose of the role is to deliver research results and objectives, develop new or advanced research skills and competencies, the successful development of funding proposals and to interact in the supervision and mentorship of graduate students, in conjunction with an academic supervisor.

The Post-Doctoral/Senior Post-Doctoral phase has an expected duration up to a maximum of 6 years, subject to the term of the project, on a full-time or part-time basis.  Movement to the grade of Senior Post-Doctoral researcher in the University will be by competing for an advertised post. External appointments made directly to Senior Post-Doctoral research positions must have previous post-doctoral experience of at least 3 years.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • To conduct and lead a specified programme of research under the supervision and direction of a Principal Investigator/Project Leader.
  • To secure competitive research funding for research proposals
  • To engage in appropriate and professional development opportunities as required by your Principal Investigator, School or College.
  • To assume a role in the design as well as the execution of research, contributing significantly to the development of research proposals and funding successes.
  • To support the Principal Investigator and research group in the design and development of a research programme.
  • To engage in the dissemination of the results of the research, as directed by and with the support of and under the supervision of the Principal Investigator.
  • To engage in the wider research activities of the Research Group, School or College.
  • To interact closely with postgraduate research students who are studying for a Masters or a PhD and have an agreed role in supporting these students in their day to day research in conjunction with the supervisor or supervision team.
  • To conduct administrative and management work associated with the research project.
  • To carry out any additional duties as may reasonably be required within the general scope and level of the post.
  • To engage in costing research grant proposals and take on financial management of projects.

Specific Duties

It is expected that the successful candidate will be equipped to conduct research in the following areas:

For the RRING Project:

  • Reviewing of draft reports.
  • Management of national RRI case studies.
  • Liaising with national stakeholders and policy leaders in the RRI area.
  • Design and organisation of workshops (face-to-face or virtual).
  • Assist with drafting of final reports.

For the GRRIP project:

  • Creation of RRI action plan: working with MaREI senior management and researchers to create an action plan.
  • Finalising the list of interventions that could be trialled.
  • Determining the ‘change management’ strategies required.
  • Assessing the implementation of potential interventions selected.
  • Leading in the implementation of the ‘change management’.
  • Leading in monitoring and evaluation of interventions and change management strategies.

In addition, the intention would be to augment the successful candidate project management skills in year 1, and position them to play a more pro-active role in project management in subsequent years, by them assisting in:

  • planning and delivery of monthly meeting organisation and minutes.
  • updating plans: data management, risk, dissemination and communication.
  • delivery of EU periodic reports.
  • project dissemination and communications tasks


  • A PhD qualification, preferably in a social sciences with qualitative and quantitative skills and familiarity with global policy making.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of RRI key thematic areas: Gender Equality, Open Access, Ethics and Integrity, Stem, Public Engagement and Citizen Science.
  • Project management experience, preferably in EU funding programmes (specifically H2020).
  • Experience with Action Plans and Change Management.
  • Superior Dissemination and Communication Skills and familiarity with social media.
  • Extensive competence and experience in a research area.
  • Supervisory skills.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Experience of applying for and securing funding.
  • Please note that Garda vetting and international police clearance check may form part of the selection process.

For an information package including full details of the post, selection criteria and application process see https://ore.ucc.ie/.

Informal enquiries can be made in confidence to Dr Gordon Dalton, Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator of the RRING, GRRIP projects; Email: [email protected]

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