Transhumanism & the real challenges for youth

10 jan
Rok prijave 05.02.2023

Training Course

23-29 April 2023 | Zürich City, Switzerland

Spend one week examining the various areas of society affected by transhumanism, but above all young people. We are looking forward to participants who have an interest in philosophy, ethics, technology & youth work

Transhumanism is a social topic that affects all areas of our lives and will become increasingly relevant in the future. Information about transhumanism (TH) is therefore a prerequisite for the participation of stakeholders.

In this sociocultural education project with the title “transhumanism and the real challenges for youth,” we will learn and talk about TH and its impact broadly – with experts and participants from many countries.

During the training course in Switzerland, the compiled results will be discussed and the insights gained from the specialized presentations (experts of theology, philosophy, education, and youth work).

In a further step, the participants should become active themselves and get to the bottom of philosophical questions that possibly go hand in hand with trans- or posthumanism.

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