Training Course: The Gap

26 apr
Rok prijave 02.05.2024

The Gap” is a training that aims to increase competences, knowledge and awareness of youth workers and educators in the field of mental health and wellbeing.

The aim of “The Gap” will be to provide youth workers with tools to:

– explore personal wellbeing;
– create a self care plan;
– develop empathetic communication;
– learn how to build trust and a safe space.

“The Gap” is not a psychology course, but an opportunity to develop new skills and tools to support young people’s mental health that involve group and physical activities.

The project arises from the awareness that, in recent years, young people developed a particular sensitivity to the topic of mental health and psychological well-being. They have started to share much more openly problems of psychological distress such as anxiety, stress, frustration resulting from increasing social pressures, etc.

This led us to start non-formal education projects on this issue, realising, however, that as youth workers we need specific tools to preserve the trust that young people place in us.

So, “The Gap” is aimed at youth workers, youth leaders, peer supporters, teachers and educators with an interest in learning more about mental wellbeing and how to deal with it in their daily work with young people.

Available downloads: The Gap PDA – Infopack [Salto] (2).pdf

More information at: SALTO

Application deadline 02 May 2024.

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