Training course “Media Literacy in light of Political Participation and engagement in Democratic processes”

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Training Course

1-11 August 2022 | Split, CroatiaThis training course offers to educate youth workers/teachers/educators on what Media literacy is, how to approach this topic and how to raise critical thinking in the youngsters.

The topic that we are focused on in this LTTA is Media literacy and the connection to Political literacy. It is not enough just to understand how political systems function, it is also relevant where and how youngsters inform themselves about the political system, and relevant and current issues that affect them and their community.

On this LTTA youth workers/teachers/educators will firstly learn more about media literacy, also where youngsters go to seek information, whom they trust, and how they inform themselves when it comes to the political system and current political issues.

What will the TC look like?

The themes and objectives of this project will be put into practice through the following daily activities: Ice-breaking and Getting to know each other; Regular energizers; Programme sessions; Intercultural evening/Optional evening sessions; Daily evaluation/reflection rounds. The whole concept of the LTTA is designed according to the mutual agreement of all partner organizations in the project. LTTA activity will be based on non-formal education and learning by doing methods. It will give participants the opportunity to create their own learning expectations and outcomes, but also to discover themselves and their own personal limits. General methods that we are planning to use are: working in smaller groups, interactive and creative presentations, brainstorming, working in national groups, simulation activities, role plays etc.

All participants will receive a Youthpass certificate.

Aim and objectives of the TC:

The aim of this project is to empower youth workers, raise their knowledge and skills level in the field of developing educational workshops for youth in the field of Media and Political literacy; strengthen the partnership between participating organizations and produce new projects on a European level so we can continue to support each other, educate youth workers and grow together.

Objectives of the training course:

  • To enhance cooperation between our youth workers and organizations
  • To explore Erasmus+
  • To explore the Youthpass certificate and frame of 8 key competences
  • To analyse and discuss the situation in our countries on media influences on politics and democratic values
  • To explore the term Media literacy and how to define it
  • To explore the origin of media and the role of media throughout the history
  • To explore and discuss positive and negative aspects of Media reality in today’s world
  • To explore the role of media as a social institution
  • To explore the role of media as a source of information
  • To learn how to Critically examine how media is constructed and how those elements contribute to the way media is understood and acted upon
  • To explore and understand the influence and interaction of media and politics
  • To explore and brainstorm how we as youth workers and NGOs can present our ideas and values through the media
  • To develop local workshops on Media and Political literacy for youngsters
  • To share ideas for future projects

Pre-training course tasks for participants/preparation for the training course and follow-up requirements: 

For the preparation of the activity, participants need to:

  • Gather relevant information about the situation in their countries on media influences on politics and democratic values – in English;
  • To present the main activities and projects of their organization, and also to share some examples of good practice.


  • To organise and implement Local Workshops about Media and Political literacy for youngsters after the training course (with the support of your sending organisation).
  • Local Planning Workshops need to engage 5 to 10 people.


The organisers will follow the development of the ongoing pandemic and communicate all necessary information. The health and safety recommendations will be implemented: masks will be used when needed and necessary sanitising equipment will be provided.

More information will be provided to the selected participants.

Available downloads:

Your kind of training?

Apply now!Application deadline (24h UTC): 31 May 2022Date of selection: 6 June 2022

Training overview

This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Volunteering mentors, Youth researchers

Working language(s):

English languageOrganiser:


Association Carousel 8 is a non-governmental organisation from Zagreb, established in order to provide learning and volunteering opportunities primary to youngsters. Goals of the Carousel 8 are:
• inclusion of people in social and cultural life;
• encouraging personal development and skill acquisition;
• developing awareness of children and young people about their own potentials and their use;
• promoting non-formal education;
• promoting the interests and activities of young people;
• promoting volunteerism and solidarity;
• promoting awareness of civil society development.
Carousel 8 is working on informing youngsters and other target groups about local, national, and European opportunities for their personal and professional development. In the local community Carousel 8 organises educational workshops focused on personal development and active citizenship, especially through volunteering opportunities.


  • Youth Power (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Stella Turnšek

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +385 97 6335 904


Participation fee


Accommodation and food

All costs are covered by organizers and funded within the Erasmus+ program.

Travel reimbursement

Overview of the amounts for travel reimbursements / by participating country:

Croatia – up to 270,00€
Germany – up to 270,00€
Bosnia and Herzegovina – up to 270,00€
Montenegro – up to 270,00€

More info on the reimbursement rules (i.e. taking into consideration eco-friendly types of transportation) can be checked in the infosheet – which can be downloaded

This training activity is funded by:

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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