Training Course in Romania: Roadmap to NEETwork

30 maj
Rok prijave 16.06.2024

19-27 July 2024 | Romania

We aim at increasing social inclusion chances and providing equal opportunities for NEET youngsters

Social disengagement dramatically affects young people’s well-being, with long-term impacts, as it decreases overall life satisfaction and increases the risk of social exclusion while declining optimism about the future.Our project answers the societal challenge of high rates of NEET youngsters due to the few attractive opportunities for their development, lack of easily accessible information about the opportunities, and low competences of youth workers in promoting such development opportunities, combined with the negative perception of the ‘alternative’ inclusion/development programs.


1. Improving the competences of 30 youth workers’ indeveloping efficient programs and empowermentstrategies by using E+ and ESC as tools for theinclusion/integration of NEET youth.

2. Promoting NEETs inclusion and youth opportunitiesamong local youngsters by learning how to write projectapplications.

3. Enhancing the capacity of 10 NGOs to empower youth inbecoming active citizens in their local communities bydeveloping common international projects.

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