The United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery

19 jan

The United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery has launched the 2025 call for applications on 15 January.
The deadline for submission of applications is 1st March 2024.
Please refer to the circular for more information.

Who can apply

As a general rule, only applications by civil society organizations are admissible. Applications by governmental, parliamentary or administrative entities, political parties and/or national liberation movements are inadmissible.

When to apply

The annual call for applications is open every year from 15 January to 1 March (applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted). Grants are awarded for a one-year period (1 January to 31 December) of the following year for amounts ranging from 15,000 USD to 35,000 USD.


Applications must be submitted in English, French or Spanish.

How to apply

Organizations wishing to apply must do so through the Online grant application system (GMS) through the following steps:

  • Organizations must first register on the online platform
  • Once they have created an account, organizations should answer all questions and complete all fields in the online application form
  • Once organizations have completed their application, they should submit it through the same online platform (only applications submitted through GMS will be considered).

Reference documents

For more detailed information about how to apply to grant, all interested organizations are invited to read about the annual Grant Cycle and to consult:

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