TEDxFerhadija: Gathering of minds

27 apr
Rok prijave 08.05.2021

What makes a great society? Is it the technological advancement, the culture or maybe the freedom to express oneself? We believe that every great society, be it local or global was founded on bright minds and thinkers that perform remarkable work in their respective fields.

At our third TEDxFerhadija event titled “Gathering of Minds” we will bring together exceptional people from various fields of expertise to share their own contribution of elements that form a great society. Our speakers shall cover topics such as values, mental health, what we can learn from animals and many more.

We focused on aspects that are not that commonly explored in everyday life but do create great impact for years. We also focused on daily topics where we believe there exists a twist or notion that the majority of our community has not heard of before. In a nutshell we aimed to create an event that will be both entertaining and full of ideas worth spreading.

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