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14 feb

Symphony is the first culture driven technology house dedicated to crafting the workforce of the future. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the most creative entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the world. We work on the kinds of challenges that keep entrepreneurs up at night and we build the teams and spaces that get engineers up in the morning!

Symphony is building a global community – not just a company – where bright minds want to come to work and play. Our current technological playground includes more than 15 technologies currently popular in Silicon Valley and it changes in sync with progress in the tech world.

Symphony is now looking for Data engineer experienced Bright mind, to join our community in Sarajevo!

And what is it that we are looking for?

We value and look for learning agile, energetic, enthusiastic candidates, open for new experiences, who will readily face the challenges of today’s technology with the rest of our community.

Your roles and responsibilities as a Data Engineer would include:

  • Selecting and integrating Big Data tools and frameworks required to provide requested capabilities,
  • Solving complex problems, optimizing data models, creating data flows and improving the processes,
  • Collaborating with data analysts and data scientists to enable data-driven decision making,
  • Design, build, scale, and evolve data platform, services and tooling,
  • Implementing ETL pipelines,
  • Create real time solutions,
  • Monitoring performance and advising any necessary infrastructure changes,
  • Architecting production ready data pipelines and processing systems from the ground up,
  • Defining data retention and replication policies

Key position requirements:

  • Technical background in one or more languages (Python, Java, Scala) and some of the following: Hadoop, HBase, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB (and other applicable NoSQL databases), Relational databases, Kafka, Kafka Streams, Spark, Flink, Storm, Beam, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and move between different tech stacks
  • DevOps and CI/CD Experience is a plus
  • Familiarity with cloud based and DevOps technologies and tools (AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes) is an advantage

Symphony Bright mind profile:

  • He / She is highly passionate about cracking the toughest challenges in tech,
  • Engineering is not a job, it is a life passion,
  • When it comes to the code and solution, good is not good enough! He / She wants it to be excellent, innovative, clean and cool,
  • Understands design patterns and their implementation in real life coding problems and always strives to provide best, but really the best practice solutions,
  • Understanding the business context and logic behind the software solution? Just bring it on!
  • “Algorithms? I don’t like bragging, let me show you my way of reasoning!”
  • “There is something specific about me what will add value to the Symphony community and make it cooler.”

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