Support Western Balkan economies in implementing policy reforms and price glide-path as defined by the Roadmap for lowering roaming charges between the EU and Western Balkans

5 jan
Rok prijave 10.01.2022

Published 17 DEC 2021 Deadline 10 JAN 2022

Regional Cooperation Council is seeking consultancy services to support implementation of the Roadmap for lowering the roaming prices between the EU and Wester Balkans. The overall objective of the consultancy is to support the RCC and Western Balkan economies in the implementation of policy reforms contained in the Roadmap through a coordinated regional approach as well as support preparation of necessary steps aimed at reduction of roaming charges between the EU and Western Balkans by January 2023. The consultancy will also help to structure the discussion and consultation with all stakeholders as defined by the Roadmap, including through a broad Regulatory Dialogue EU-Western Balkans.

Download Open call for consultancy (Ref. No. 119-021)
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