Stipendije za studente koji su zainteresovani za ljudska prava

14 jan
Rok prijave 26.01.2020

Duration: 2 Years
Age: 21-28
Location: Arezzo, Italy
Language of studying: Italian (You will study in Italy )
University, Faculty: You choose (Siena, Pisa, Perugia, Florence, Bologna)
Scholarship: Full (accommodation, Food, transport, tuition fee, Italian course)
Deadline: 26 January 2020

What is Rondine?
Rondine Cittadella della Pace is an organization committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its own method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every context. Its objective is contributing to a planet free from armed clashes, in which every person has the tools to manage conflicts in a creative and positive way. Rondine was born in a Medieval Tuscan hamlet, a few kilometres away from Arezzo, Italy: here, the main Rondine projects for education and professional experience are developed.

What is the World House?
The project that gave rise and inspiration to Rondine is the World House: since 1998, it has hosted young people who come from countries where, whether currently or recently, conflict has degenerated into violent forms. They accept to live with their own “enemy”, in order to learn how to face their conflict and turn it into an opportunity for change.

The World House program lasts two years: during this period, participants can experiment innovation through conviviality, daily activities, non formal and formal education. At the end of the two-year period, the youth of the World House have the tools to promote action and develop concrete social, political and economic projects in their own countries and to be leaders in contexts characterized by transformation, elevated complexity, and high conflict.

Currently, the World House hosts thirty students from twenty-five different countries in Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East.

Find all the information here.

Apply here.

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