SPARK organizuje besplatne IT radionice

31 jan

It’s time to enrich your resume with some new skills and knowledge, and you can do it for free at SPARK school. Choose the workshop that works best for you, sign up and wait for our feedback. The following workshops are currently open:

Web Programming
Everyone wants to be a developer lately, while most IT companies always have a job opening for a developer position. Our Web Programming workshop has everything you need to become a Frontend or Backend developer. If you are a total beginner, choose beginner’s programming workshops, but if you already have some knowledge or have already passed our beginner’s workshops, opt for Frontend or Backend workshops, before which you must pass an entrance test. Advanced workshops begin in April.

Operating Systems
If you are not that attracted to a programming career but still want to work in the IT industry, you can choose to become a sysadmin. The first step to this profession is a free OS workshop in SPARK school. Linux Basics is a workshop designed for beginners who want to gain basic skills in one of the most sought after industries in the IT industry – Linux System Administration. The workshop begins at the end of February.

Data Analytics
In today’s business environment, companies and organizations are faced with enormously large amounts of data and increasingly rely on data analysis to make strategic decisions for their business. Data analytics is a highly sought after profession nowadays, so get started on time with our free Data Analytics workshop and introduction to Data Science. The beginning of the workshop is in March.

Project Management
To be a good project manager, besides hard skills, soft skills are also required. Project and strategy management, effective project planning, the importance of project management in managing organizations are just some of the skills you can learn in this workshop. This SPARK school workshop is designed for startup founders, leaders and project managers, and is scheduled to begin at the end of February.

Workshops are held as part of the “How to become wanted?” project supported by the US Embassy in BiH. You can apply here.

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