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12 aug
Rok prijave 20.08.2021

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (YIHR BiH) is organizing the eighth School of Different Memories, an educational program based on study visits to Herzegovina, aimed at exchanging experiences of the local community, human rights activists, religious representatives groups, historians, victims and witnesses on the process of reconciliation and dealing with the past.

The school of different memories includes visits to sites of suffering and war crimes from the Second World War and the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1991 to 1995, connecting the experiences of communities throughout Herzegovina.

The school is realized in the period from 28.8. to 02.09.2021. year, by gathering participants on 28.08. in Sarajevo from where it moves towards Stolac where the base of the School is. The school is then spent a few days in Stolac, from where you go on tours of sites throughout Herzegovina, until the return to Sarajevo, where 02.09. end the activities of the School. During the program, participants were provided with food, accommodation and transportation.

Conditions and manner of registration of participants:

All those interested can fill in the application form on this APPLICATION

The age limit is 16-26 years

The participation of both sexes is encouraged, as well as the equal and equal representation of participants from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be one of the criteria for selecting participants.

The participation of participants who have not previously had the opportunity to participate in programs dealing with the past and the topic of war crimes is particularly encouraged.

Applications can be filled in by August 20, 2021 at the latest. Only participants who have been selected to participate will be contacted by e-mail.

More about the School:

The initiative launched this program with the aim of increasing the level of awareness of young people about the events of the last two wars in these areas, and these activities include visits to the locations of mass graves, concentration camps, religious buildings, cemeteries and cemeteries, monuments and memorials. As part of this program, you will have the opportunity to visit the wider surroundings of Stolac, Mostar, Grabovica, Bradina, Prebilovce, Čavkarica and other places, and learn more about the untold stories from this area.

Experience a different approach to studying the process of dealing with the past through the view and story of those who survived the crimes or those who carry the memory of the crime through stories passed down from generation to generation. Question this approach, explore and learn more about the events of recent and distant history that shape relationships in our society today.

For all additional information you can contact us by e-mail [email protected]

The school is being realized with the support of the American Embassy.

More information here.

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