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21-28 July 2023 | Izvoare, Harghita, Romania

This SEMINAR aims to reunite youth workers, volunteers and staff of youth organisations of various experiences in order to share good practices, learn new approaches in facilitation.


A4 is a specialized seminar mobility program designed for youth workers, staff members of youth organizations, and volunteers, with a primary focus on the art of facilitation and its application in the European Training Strategy. In today’s rapidly evolving society, where young people are constantly developing, facilitators and learning enablers must remain adaptable, innovative, and relevant. Ingens Risus recognizes that by working at a transnational level, collaborating with organizations across Europe, each collaborator we have worked with brings different approaches and practices to the youth work. Therefore it is important to have transnational contexts where practitioners in the youth field can come together, exchange views and experiences, and foster peer learning.

The A4 mobility program also emphasizes the European Training Strategy, as it is essential to increase the awareness of the competence areas that learning enablers need to possess while working in international contexts. This will help the coordinator and partner organizations to have a shared understanding of the learning process and maintain a high quality of the learning experience.


The aim of this SEMINAR is to foster a peer learning environment in which 21 youth workers, volunteers and staff of youth organisations share views, experiences and practices connected to the art of facilitation at international level. The focus will be on the competence areas provided by the European Training Strategy, ensuring the contribution to the Youth Goal #8 Quality Learning, enhancing the competences of facilitators and learning enablers in their work with young people.

This approach aims to empower youth workers, staff members of youth organizations, and volunteers to become better facilitators when working in international non-formal settings with young people. The SEMINAR will reunite 21 participants from the Erasmus+ Programme countries.  The mobility is planned to take take place in Izvoare, RO, between 22-27/07/2023.


O1. Enhancing facilitation competences in youth international non-formal settings of 21 youth workers, staff members of youth organizations, and volunteers, focusing on the European Training Strategy;

O2. Improve the capacity of the partner organisations to provide increased non-formal learning activities at international level and contributing to the EU Youth Goal #8 Quality Learning, by enhancing the competences of their staff.

Link to Accreditation Objectives:

Our mobility is correlated with our accreditation Objective #2, by ensuring continuous training of the staff of the partner organisations, facilitating the exchange of good practices between them and the staff involved, providing a learning by doing context for our and our partners’ youth workers in improving and learning new relevant activities for their daily work.

Participants’ profile:

21 youth workers, volunteers and staff of youth organisations over 18 years old from any Erasmus+ Programme country with experience in in delivering non-formal workshops. Eager to share with others their practices and methods, while also open to peer learning.



Day 1 – Get to know each other and teambuilding

Day 2 – Youthpass and Non-formal learning in international contexts

Day 3 – European Training Strategy

Day 4 – The Art of facilitation

Day 5 – Non-formal Fair of Learning Tools and Activities

Day 6 – Tips and tricks

Day 7 – Evaluation and Follow-up



  • Enhanced competences in the art of facilitation in international non-formal settings
  • Improved collaborations and quality youth work of the partners
  • Digital outputs (webpage of the YE, promotional video)
  • Collection of non-formal tools gathered during Non-formal Fair of Learning Tools and Activities.


  • Each participant will share the project results and their experience directly in their sending organisations or via social media
  • The projects results will be uploaded on the  E+ Results Platform
  • Will create the webpage for the seminar and ensure its presence on social media.


The seminar aims to enhance the facilitation competences of the 21 participants, which will positively impact their personal and professional growth. Additionally, partner organizations will improve their capacity to collaborate and contribute to the EU Youth Goals, specifically #8 Quality Learning through the improved capacity of their staff.

Available downloads: SALTO-Info-pack-IR-22-ACR-A4-Seminar.pdf

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