Symphony organizuje besplatan IT događaj u Sarajevu: Where AI Meets Software Engineering

3 maj

We’re happy to announce a very special event at Symphony Sarajevo on May 17th where our client, partner, and friend Ed Crump will be talking about the interconnection between software engineering and artificial intelligence. During his talk, Ed will talk more about his impressive background at Amazon where he worked for many years developing incredible, industry-disrupting products such as Amazon Echo (Alexa), Echo Look, Echo Show, and FireTV — products that have literally changed the way we interact with the Internet. Also, he will share more info about our collaboration on AirProxima which was built to revolutionize regional air travel. AirProxima provides consumers with a dynamic platform that lets you find flights based on your destination and preferred time of arrival with a completely open and transparent online marketplace for on-demand flights. Ed will also go through some of the practical examples of our work on AirProxima and other projects and finally resolve a dilemma where AI and software engineering meet.

Want to know more about Ed Crump? With over 30 years in Silicon Valley, building great teams, companies, and products, Ed Crump is the person whose talk you’ll want to hear. Prior to Amazon, he developed a Global Live Broadcast system which enabled anyone with an HD camera to broadcast their own live video throughout the world, to millions of viewers, in under two seconds — fundamentally changing the economics for HD live broadcasting. Companies like YouTube and Vimeo used the technology to enable the type of videos we watch every day online.

Ed Crump recognized a fundamental lack of high quality, on-demand, regional air travel at a price that would be accessible to more people. AirProxima was founded in December of 2015 with months spent researching and analyzing the private aviation industry. Then, they started building the machine-learning technology and marketplace that would enable their vision to come to life. Within the last few months, they launched their full beta marketplace with over 20 operators using the software and 5 million flight options available for consumers to buy with just a few clicks.

Date: 17th May
Time: 6PM
Location: Kolodvorska 11a

Please register here: – limited seating available

Important notice: Food&Drinks are included. Iftar is included for all visitors who will be fasting, and we’ll be serving food exactly at the time of Iftar.

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