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11 apr
Rok prijave 21.04.2021

New appointments with IULM Flow Talks

Different online meetings to discuss the role of communication in modern matters with leading personalities from around the world.

  • TALK 12 FAO – 22nd April

    Date: 22nd April 3 PM
    Title: Sustainability and Safety in the International Food System
    Guest: Mario Lubetkin – Assistant Director-General FAO
    Moderator: Pierluigi Sacco

Is our Food System sustainable?  How can we improve and implement the supply chain in order to make it sustainable both at a social and environmental level?

During our dialogue with Mario Lubetkin, Assistant Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we will deal with sustainability in the food industry, we will talk about how our daily choices can affect our own health and our planet’s, in a positive or negative way, and we will find out how FAO is working on this issue, analysing the major challenges that Europe and the entire world is facing.

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