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10 apr
Rok prijave 16.04.2021

New appointments with IULM Flow Talks

Different online meetings to discuss the role of communication in modern matters with leading personalities from around the world.


    Date: 16th April 6:30 PM
    Title: LEADERSHIP CONVERSATION “Technological Black Boxes: Visibilities and Invisibilities of the Datafied Society”. A Conversation with the Leadership and Creative Thinking IULM Students
    Guest: Philip Di Salvo – Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)’s Institute of Media and Journalism
    Moderator: Francesco Galli

The so-called “datafied society” was built on the basis of very optimistic views around big data and digital infrastructures. Yet, some of the technologies that are central to the datafied society are working in opaque, secretive and sometimes not understandable ways. Algorithms and surveillance tech are just some examples of these “black boxes” capable of recording everything of their users without revealing much of their inner mechanism. During this talk we will discuss the implications of such black boxes and some strategies that journalists and activists are using trying to “open” them.


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