Rad mladih na pomirenju u postkonfliktnim dijelovima u Novom Sadu

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Training Course
22 November – 1 December 2019 | Novi Sad, Serbia

Project “Creativity in youth sport work for reconciliation and acceptance of diversity” consists of several activities, and one of those is this TC “Reconciliation youth work in post-conflict areas”, that will be organised in Novi Sad in November 2019.

Project “Creativity in youth sport work for reconciliation and acceptance of diversity” aims to build capacity of youth (work) organisations, their youth workers in NFE for youth SPORT work for reconciliation and accepting diversity among youngsters in our communities and encouraging creative usage of sport and outdoor activities in youth work for reconciliation.

The project consists of several activities, and one of those is this training course “Reconciliation youth work in post-conflict areas”.

We are hereby recruiting participants that will be able to participate at the training course, give back (to their sending organisations) their knowledge and skills in the topics of the training course and contribute to the follow-up activities within the overall project.

The training course will take place in Serbia (Novi Sad) from 22nd November (arrival in the afternoon) to 1st December (departure in the morning after the breakfast) 2019.

Specific objectives of the training course are:

  • To learn more about realities and different practices in other European countries when it comes to reconciliation through youth (sport) work
  • To explore the complexity of “I” and “WE” identities, the layers of identity, the process of identity development and the influence on our intercultural learning, dialogue and acceptance
  • To explore personal styles of communication and conflict transformation and to reach common understanding on quality non-violent communication and effective approaches of conflict resolution within small intercultural groups
  • To discuss the social and political context we live in, in terms of youth work for reconciliation
  • To discuss and reach common understanding of a constructive process of dealing with the past, of peace building and the deconstruction of “enemy” images
  • To develop recommendations to youth workers for quality reconciliation in our communities
  • To develop specific practical workshops of youth work for reconciliation to be implemented in our communities as a follow-up of this training course

Training course is based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education. The language of the training course will be English.

The participants should fulfill the following criteria:

  • To be active youth workers already educated in basic NFE principles and methodology, (willing to get) involved in “sport for all” activities for reconciliation; and empowering other youth workers and mainstream and marginalized youth through sport and outdoor activities
  • Willing to apply & multiply the knowledge received
  • Willing to organize/lead local/national workshops for youth workers on the topic of the project after the participation at the training course
  • Willing to enter into partnerships with participants from different organisations/countries
  • Able to attend and be active during the entire duration of the training course
  • Age above 18 and able to follow the program in English language.

More information here.

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