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23 mar
Rok prijave 20.06.2020

Training Course
26-31 July 2020 | Moscow, Russian Federation

We invite youth workers and youth leaders who would like to learn how to become a youth trainer to join the course – Training for Trainers.

Have you ever considered becoming a trainer and conducting trainings for youth? If so – then The Netherlands School for Innovative Education invites you to join the training for trainers where you will receive knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional trainer!

The event is meant for youth workers who do not have any training experience or have only minimal experience in conducting trainings. Conducting training might seem an easy but those who have done it – they know for sure – conducting a good training is an art! In order to be successful trainer you need to gain specific knowledge and skills. Where acquire this knowledge? How to develop those skills?

During this course will share all that with you. The training covers the following topics:

– Coach work – what does it mean – being a coach? Participants will know about the features of this work and how to become a great trainer.

– Coach skills – participants will learn the skills necessary to become a successful trainer. Resources for trainers – where coaches can find examples of trainings, where they can find needed tools other useful information essential for providing a high-quality training? Participants will be given information about the resources for trainers.

– Job market for trainers – participants will learn about the working opportunities for trainers: where and how trainers can look for jobs as a trainer; how trainers can find the trainings to conduct; how to position yourself on a market in order to find customers and other topics related to job opportunities for trainers.

– Practice – participants will have workshops where they will put theory into life. Session is based upon participants’ request – we would like to create the course as interactive as possible therefore we leave the room to conduct the sessions according your ideas.

Please, let us know which topics you would like to cover and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

This course is the way to make the first step on your training path! If you did not know where to start with – this event is a great opportunity to do that! After this course you will have a clear idea about the steps of becoming a successful coach.

Though the event aims on preparing the trainers for youth projects, we believe gained skills and knowledge could be also successfully applied in different fields of trainings such as business trainings, trainings on personal development. We believe successful youth trainers can develop themselves in the future and apply their knowledge in different fields.

The event is organized by the Netherlands Institute of Business. We are regularly organizing trainings and study programs in Amsterdam, Moscow and other locations. We are open for cooperation with new trainers. Therefore, we would be happy to invite successful alumni of our courses to join our team as trainers for our future projects!

If you are interested – feel free to send us an email with your interest after the course! More details about the course and the organizer –

More informations: here.

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