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Deadline: 30 August 2019

The United States Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is seeking applications from qualified U.S. and non-U.S. based non-governmental (NGOs)/non-profit organizations or Educational Institutions for a Grant to implement a program entitled “Enhancing Students’ Understanding of their Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Criminal Justice System through Mock Trials.”

The goal of this project is to improve secondary school students’ understanding and trust in the judicial system of Bosnia and Herzegovina through an experiential learning process. This experience should help students understand their rights within the justice system and the functioning of the court system, strengthening their confidence in governing institutions and the rule of law. Empowered by an improved understanding of the justice system, students can take a more active role in civic life and help transform Bosnia and Herzegovina into a modern European democracy.

Project Objectives

  • Objective 1: Strengthen and implement an experiential education module that follows the Operational Teaching Curricula (OTC) of the BiH judicial system and is based on the Common Core Curriculum developed by the Agency for Pre-School, Elementary, and Secondary Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Activity 1: Work with all appropriate government and school officials as well as local professional/bar associations to garner support for educational module and mock trial programs. Solicit and encourage the participation of police, prosecutors, and judges during the instructive and mock trial phases, as appropriate.
    • Activity 2: Review and revision of the curriculum and course materials. Strengthen and deliver to students a clear, engaging, and appropriate curriculum suitable for secondary school students that educates participants on their individual legal rights, BiH’s justice system, and the court system.
    • Activity 3: Hold classroom instruction or after school sessions, as appropriate, to teach justice curricula and prepare students for mock trial competition.
  • Objective 2: Design, implement, and host mock trial(s) for participating students from at least 8 high schools in BiH, wherein the winning team must demonstrate both intellectual and participatory skills about BiH’s justice system, their individual rights, and the court system;
    • Activity 1: Design, create, and implement a program that trains participating students, teachers, and judges a mock trial system based on BiH law and in accordance with international mock trial best practices; and ensure that the competition is both transparent and fair, and seen as transparent and fair by participants;
    • Activity 2: Ensure participating students mock trial teams are multiethnic and mixed Gender.
    • Activity 3: Provide all appropriate logistics, transport, translation, interpretation, and all other support and services for the competition participants and materials necessary to support and host mock training, preparation, and trial(s).
  • Objective 3: Implement positive public diplomacy campaign that persuasively and clearly explains the purpose and goals of this program to the wider public, and increases the public demand for impartial delivery of justice.
    • Activity 1: Continue maintaining appropriate webpage and social media presence, and clear through Embassy Sarajevo.

Award Information

  • The anticipated total federal funding amount is not to exceed $215,000.
  • The period of performance is one year with an anticipated start date of October 2019.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility for this NOFO is limited to:
    • Applicants that qualify to receive U.S. grants (such as U.S. not-for-profit/nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or U.S.-based educational institutions subject to section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code; foreign not-for-profits/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or foreign based educational institutions, with the ability to develop and successfully implement a project in Bosnia and Herzegovina and meet INL’s reporting requirements. Organizations must also be able to demonstrate current (or pending) country registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if required by the country of project implementation.
    • Applicants must have demonstrated experience implementing similar education or capacity building programs, preferably in Bosnia and Herzegovina. INL reserves the right to request additional background information on organizations that do not have previous experience administering similar programs and/or federal grant awards.
    • Applicants must have the ability to produce course materials, deliver training, and conduct evaluations in Bosnian and English. The applicant’s staff should be proficient in English in order to fulfill reporting requirements.
    • Applicants must have existing, or the capacity to develop, active partnerships with stakeholders in order to successfully carry out the proposed program.
    • Organizations may form a consortium and submit a combined proposal. However, one organization should be designated as the lead applicant and other members as sub-award partners.
    • Applicants must be able to respond to the NOFO and be able to mobilize in a short period.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Public International Organizations (PIOs) and For-Profit Organizations are excluded from applying to this grant announcement.
    • To be eligible for a grant award, in addition to other conditions of this NOFO, organizations must have a commitment to non‐discrimination with respect to beneficiaries and adherence to equal opportunity employment practices. INL is committed to an anti-discrimination policy in all of its programs and activities. INL welcomes applications irrespective of an applicant’s race, ethnicity, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or other status.
    • Applicants are reminded that U.S. Executive Orders and U.S. law prohibits transactions with, and the provision of resources and support to, individuals and organizations associated with terrorism. It is the legal responsibility of the recipient to ensure compliance with these Executive Orders and laws. This provision must be included in any sub‐awards issued under this grant award.
  • INL encourages applications from potential new partners.

How to Apply

To apply for a grant, applicant’s organization must complete the registration process via the given website.

For more information, please visit here.

Source: Funds for NGOs

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