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28 maj
Rok prijave 05.07.2021

The Intensive Training Course in EU Affairs is sponsored by the Eastwest European Institute, in partnership with Associazione Diplomatici.

It is aimed at university students and recent graduates, who are invited to rethink the concept of Europe by proposing and discussing their ideas and solutions on current issues.

The EWEI Intensive Training in EU Affairs is an encompassing, highly flexible program which enables its participants to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of EU politics.

It first offers a online Model EU simulation supported by a training platform through which participants acquire an overall understanding of EU affairs through history, institutional affairs and a dedicated political focus for each course.

Secondly, participants can take part to an onsite experiences held in Brussels and Strasbourg, where they can acknowledge from within the challenges, constraints and opportunities EU officials experience in their daily work; a type of knowledge books cannot convey.

In the weeks preceding the simulation, delegates will take part in a training course held online through an e-learning platform. In particular, they will take part in a series of meetings held by experts, journalists from the eastwest magazine and diplomats.

Students will have the opportunity to gain a complete understanding of the policies adopted by the Member States and political parties before putting into practice their newly acquired knowledge.

The knowledge of the functioning of the European institutions will be particularly deepened, as a focus will be placed on the “Trilogue” and on the techniques of public speaking and diplomatic negotiation.

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