Prijavite se na 26. ljetnu školu obuke za globalne relacije

28 maj
Rok prijave 05.06.2021

The inter-disciplinary approaches reflected in the topics of the 26th International Summer University are needed to analyse these complex realities in order to optimize innovative strategies for crises mitigation.

Major themes:

  • The Complexities of Central European Identity
  • Central European Memorial Sites and Memory Politics
  • Covid-19 and Surveillance
  • Human Security in Light of Covid: Post-Covid Security Challenges and a New East-West Divide?
  • Democratic Challenges and the Crisis of Western Civilization
  • Understanding the Root Causes of Corruption, State Capture, Radicalization, Resilience, and Emigration in Central and Southeastern Europe
  • Global Communication Strategies and the Potential of Soft Power
  • Institutional Resilience During Crises: Global, Regional and National Perspectives
  • The Future University – The Future of Education


Advanced MA and PhD students and young researchers, as well as social entrepreneurs, who have a keen academic or professional interest in the topics.

How to apply?

Participation fee: 0 EUR

Applicants should send the following documents to [email protected] :

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