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Rok prijave 24.04.2021

Digital Technology Entrepreneurship is an international project that aims to “equip” youth workers with a set of ICT skills needed to work on personal development in the fields of self-employment opportunities and digital entrepreneurship. The project will consist of a short preparatory online e-course, training course activity and multiplication educational workshops in all partner organisations’ local communities.

How will the TC look like?

The whole programme of the TC will be developed based on non-formal education and learning by doing methods. The first part (3 working days) of the TC will serve as some kind of the ice-breaker, will enable participants to meet each other, get introduced with Youthpass certificate and E+ programme, to create their own and group learning expectations, observe possible challenges and obstacles they might face during the activity, but also their contributions to the TC topics, and finally share realities about youth (digital) entrepreneurship and youth unemployment in their countries. The second unit will concentrate more on TC activity’s general topics. Participants will already start discussing new era entrepreneurship, IT sector, digital companies, benefits and risks of digital workplaces, and similar. In the final part, participants will work on developing multiplication educational workshops in local communities during the follow-up period and will have time for final consultations with trainers and among each other.

In preparation for the training course, selected participants will be invited to take part in a preparatory online learning course in duration of 2 hours. Online learning course will serve as a preparation of participants ensuring all of the selected participants have the same basic and starting knowledge; that will be later improved and actually serve as a base for sessions and workshops implemented during training course activity.

We are looking for participants from:

🇧🇦Bosnia and Herzegovina


🇸🇪 Sweden




Deadline for applications: 24.04.2021.

👇More info and application on link below👇



Training course activity will be organised following all recommendations for managing large scale events during the pandemic of Covid-19 and all other health and safety measures enforced by local government in that period. In case that the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic changes, participants will be informed on time and new dates will be announced.

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