Prijave na projekat “Walking trough the Western Balkans”

8 maj

‘Walking through the Western Balkans’ – a project that aims to gather young people from the Western Balkan countries and provide them an opportunity to walk through the Western Balkans virtually, while sharing, learning and creating plenty of networking opportunities, along the way. For six weeks in a row, online weekly sessions will be held among youngsters of the Western Balkans. The topics subject to discussion are listed below:

Week 1: What will the world look like after COVID-19?

Week 2: How close are we to our families and how does that affect our independence?

Week 3: What are the challenges we have to overcome within our education system?

Week 4: Youth is the next generation, they said. But how is youth contributing towards making a change?

Week 5: Building ourselves towards building our future

Week 6: Have you ever considered moving abroad in pursuit of better opportunities?

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