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20 feb

AICEM – Associazione Internazionale per la Cooperazione e l’Educazione nel Mondo – is a
non- profit, youth organisation, created by a group of active young people aware of
challenges coming from a changing international context. AICEM’s main aim is promoting participatory forms of cooperation, which benefit from collaboration and partnerships between the civil society and local, national, European and International organisations, to implement processes of development, which respect cultural diversity while preserving local peculiarities. Since youth involvement has been considered as a fundamental element within the new international context, AICEM has proposed itself as a venue where young people can have the opportunity to share their ideas, competencies and passions with their
community’s members in order to foster youth participation and civic integration. In this respect, promoting volunteerism, as a form of social inclusion and as a self- development
instrument, has become a central focus of the organisation.

These reflections merged into AICEM’s vision, according to which its members envisage a world where youth can develop freely their competencies, skills and personality to be fully involved in their social reality and in order to became dynamic actors of their community. Following this path, the main purpose of
AICEM’s mission has become spreading a culture of cooperation, active citizenship and social inclusion through the active involvement of youth in projects and activities aiming to implement new cultural and social models, where everyone can recognize and respect human rights. AICEM has identified two main
target groups for its activities. The first one consists of children from zero to 14 years old, while the second one is made of youth from 15 to 30 years old.

Contemporarily, targets of the organisation are volunteers, youth workers and instructors who work in the youth field. In order to achieve its objectives, AICEM has based its work on three main tools, deeply interconnected: cooperation, education and international exchanges. By using these channels, the organisations has promoted activities related to four macro-areas:

  • Sustainable development
  • Health, sport and healthy lifestyles
  • Human rights, Citizenship and Participation
  • Integration and Social Inclusion

Organisation’s regular activities include volunteers’ involvement in processes of information sharing regarding youth policies, youth opportunities and good practices. The organisation, also, promotes activities aiming to provide social assistance and to enhance the inclusion of disadvantaged young people within their communities. Furthermore, AICEM’s volunteers take part and implement
educational projects, such as training courses, seminars and workshops related to the above
mentioned areas, which favor youth personal development while promoting an increased sense of civic engagement.

Working hours, days off and holidays

The volunteer will collaborate 30 hours per week during 5 days per week. The schedule can change according to the activities. The volunteer will have 2 free days for week that can vary from week to week according to the needs of the receiving organisation. The schedule will be defined by the receiving organisation on arrival of the volunteers and can change during the project.
The volunteer has the right to take the Italian National official holidays as free days when
they match with working days, however she/he might be asked to work in those days. When
that happens the volunteer will get a free day in another date of her choice.
The volunteer will have 2 days of holidays per month for the duration of the project, to be
taken in agreement between the volunteer and the team. The volunteer must discuss with
the project supervisor from the receiving organisation the dates of holidays at least one
month before.

The volunteer will be involved in 30 hours of EVS activities per week, time that will also be used for trainings and evaluation. In case the volunteer gets sick and can’t go to the project, the volunteer must inform the receiving organisation. If the volunteer needs to stay at home for medical reasons, must go to the doctor and ask for a medical certificate attesting that the volunteer is sick and how
many days needs to recover. The volunteer will be given a working diary, that she/he will be
responsible to keep update with the working schedule and tasks done in weekly bases. At the end of each month the volunteer must give the working diary of the month to the Mentor in the Host Organization.

Activities implemented by the volunteers:

  • Projects design and application,
  • Communication activities (articles, post on Facebook, graphics for Instagram and
    Twitter, online campaigns)
  • Engagement and raising awareness among young students at university
    organizing stands, workshops and “flash mobs”
  • Intercultural activities, english/language sessions for students
  • Preparing local events, project and activities

The topics you will work on will be:
● Human Rights, SDGs, Youth participation

More information can be found here: Infopack-ESC

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