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About the SEEsummary

Every month, SEEDIG has been preparing monthly summaries of Internet governance and digital policy developments in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (SEE+).
The SEEDIG Executive Committee is now looking for volunteers to strengthen the Editorial Team behind these summaries.
Scroll down to read more about this initiative and the call for volunteers.

What is the SEEsummary?

Launched in September 2016, the SEEsummary – a one of a kind initiative in the region – provides a monthly overview of Internet governance and digital policy developments and activities occurring in SEE+.

Updates covered in the summary are structured around Internet and digital policy related issues, such as infrastructure, cybersecurity, human rights online, e-commerce, and the digital divide. For this purpose, we use the classification of Internet and digital policy issues developed by DiploFoundation and showcased in the Geneva Internet Platform Digital Watch Observatory.

Have a look at our 26 SEEsummary issues so far, to better understand what this is all about.

What does the process involve?

The Editorial Team (made up of volunteer editors) is responsible for identifying and writing about Internet governance and digital policy developments and events in SEE+. Each month, the editors scan national and regional media resources, as well as websites of public institutions and other entities whose work is relevant for the region.

They then summarise the main developments (e.g. a cybersecurity law adopted in one country, an initiative to bridge the digital divide launched by a government etc), and also put together a list of upcoming events and opportunities (fellowships, grants, summer schools etc) for regional stakeholders interested in Internet policy and governance.

Members of the SEEDIG community contribute to this process from time to time, by sharing developments from their countries, which are then picked up by the editors.

Editors take turn in coordinating the work for each monthly summary, while the overall activity is supervised by one member of the SEEDIG Executive Committee.

More information here.

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