Poziv za trening: Youth Work Out – Together for all young people

14 jan

Study session “Youth Work OUT – Together for all young people” explores how human rights-based youth work can support young people experiencing or at risk of marginalization, exclusion and discrimination.

Please note that for this activity is only possible apply in pairs.

The aim of the study session is to strengthen the human rights-based approach to local youth work in order to support young people in claiming, exercising, defending their rights and encourage active participation in the community life, by empowering professionals working in the field of youth.

The study session consists of three elements. Participation in each element is mandatory.

1. Preparatory phase will require 1-2 hours of involvement per week and will focus mostly on mapping the realities of young people in the communities participants are coming from.

The study session is a 6 days long residential activity and the main event of the whole process. Participants will leave the study session with developed 1-2 months human rights-based youth work program to be implemented in the local communities.

During the practice phase, participants will implement local human rights-based youth work program based on the draft quality criteria for the rights-based youth work and will receive continuous educational support by the facilitators’ team of the study session.

Quality criteria for human rights-based youth work

In order to achieve the study session objectives Youth Social Rights Network will facilitate the process of creating a document with quality criteria for human rights-based youth work with special empathy on cross-sectoral cooperation, bearing in mind the diversity of the systems in various Council of Europe member states. Quality criteria will have a form of a guideline with principles and indicators and will be created in close cooperation with the participants during the study session. It is expected that participants will use the guidelines in planning their follow up activities locally. It will serve as an important tool for not only the participants but also other youth workers and youth organizations who would like to present human rights-based youth work in their organizations or to other structures where youth work is not yet presented. It will highlight the forms of youth work, which doesn’t require significant resources and which can be piloted by the interested institutions such as: mobile youth work, digital youth work, etc. A month after the study session, the final version of the quality criteria will be shared with all the participants, and also with the wider public through Youth Social Rights Network.

Application deadline: January 27

Training overview.

Accessibility info: This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

Working language(s): English

Organiser: Youth Social Rights Network (Youth NGO)

The study session is organised in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe

Co-organiser(s): Youth Department of the Council of Europe (Others)

Contact for questions: Sulkhan Chargeishvili

E-Mail: [email protected]

Participation fee:

All participants are required to pay a participation fee of 50 euros. The fee is deducted from the refund of travel expenses.

Accommodation and food:

Board and lodging will be provided and covered by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe at the European Youth Center Budapest. Participants will be accommodated in double rooms.

Travel reimbursement:

Travel costs will be fully reimbursed. You will be asked to present the tickets and other supporting material(original invoices, original receipts, in the case of e-tickets documentary evidence of the sum actually paid e.g. copy of credit card slip, copies of visas, boarding pass (both ways))

Don’t book before receiving the confirmation to do so.

More informations, here.

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