Poziv za eksperte u polju društvenog poduzetništva

15 jan

In order to tackle SE ecosystem challenges and create an enabling environment for the development and growth of the social entrepreneurship and social economy in WB6 we are launching the call for expert(s) to draft study on social enterpreneurship in WB6.

This call for applications for drafting the regional Study on Social Entrepreneurship is published as part of the project “WB6 Lab”, implemented by RYCO, GROUPE SOS Pulse, SEEYN, the Franco German Youth Office and the French Institute. The WB6 Lab is a three-year project that started on the 1 October 2019. The general objective of WB6 Lab is to open new spaces of reconciliation for the youth of the six Western Balkan Contracting Parties (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia), through a regional program to support social entrepreneurship. This will enable young project leaders to develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges faced by their communities.

Drafting the study on social entrepreneurship (SE study) in WB6 will contribute to the achievement of the result 3 of the specific objective 2 – Raising awareness of entrepreneurship among people aged 15 and above, and key actors in the social economy and entrepreneurship, in the western Balkans.

Objectives of the study
Recently, two studies were developed on the topic of social entrepreneurship in the WB6 – Plus Value (2016) and NESST (2017). Through the WB6 Lab project, the consortium will continue with the building up of the regional policy foundation by:

Objective 1:
Updating information related to state of play in SE ecosystem (stakeholders, policies, funds and finance mechanisms);

Objective 2:
Providing know-how, insight and target related data on youth as a social entrepreneurs and youth social entrepreneurship in particular in order to develop tailor made approach that could be scaled up all over the region;


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