Poziv za dostavljanje prijedloga projekta: Research on Women’s Wings in Political Parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina

19 jul
Rok prijave 28.07.2021

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is seeking to engage an individual/company/organisation to conduct a research on the role of women’s wings in political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Application deadline: 28th of July, 2021.


The importance of women’s wings in political parties for women political leadership appears to be manifold: parties with women’s wings are more likely to have adopted gender quota rules, they create opportunities for women to network and mainstream their interests, as well as receive training to strengthen their political capacities, and to ensure their representation at higher levels of party leadership. However, they can face a variety of obstacles, rendering their work less impactful and their purpose somewhat unfulfilled. These challenges, as identified in several countries, include insufficiency of financial and other resources, low public visibility, lack of interconnectedness with the rest of the party structure and external community entities, as well as weak influence on intra-party decision-making.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, political parties usually have some form of women’s organisation. While their work is important to identify and articulate their interests, needs and aims, such fora do not seem to generate actual political power and influence decision-making. WFD has thus recognized a need to provide a systematic and thorough examination of the role, influence and challenges of women’s wings in political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


WFD is looking for an individual/company/organisation to develop a research methodology and conduct a study to explore the following:

Status and function of women’s wings within political parties;
Positioning and resources of women’s wings within political parties;
Influence and power of women’s wings within and outside political parties.
The detailed of this assignment are outlined in the Terms of Reference.

Application details

Proposals should be submitted in writing and include:

-A summary of relevant experience (CV);

-Technical offer which should contain (1) proposed methodology for conducting this research and (2) an outline of the research workplan;

-Financial offer in sterling, to include a clear breakdown of all costs. The total amount of the proposal/ quote cannot exceed £5,000. (proposed rate for the entire engagement).

Proposals should be sent to Mirjana Kosić, Programme Manager at: [email protected]

All proposals must be received by 28th of July, 2021, 23.59h CET.

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