Postani Java developer u Symphonyu

16 mar

We are Symphony! The first culture driven technology house dedicated to crafting the workforce of the future. Our community in Sarajevo is now on the lookout for great Java developers.

What do we want you ask? We want you! You are highly passionate about cracking the toughest challenges in tech. For you, engineering is not a job, it is a life passion. You understand design patterns and their implementation in real life coding problems and you always strive to provide best, but really the best practice solutions. You are an enterprise distributed systems developer with strong experience in Java, Big Data, Hadoop, and large scale processing systems, relational databases, SQL or even NoSQL databases.

You will have the chance to work with one of the best people there is on some of the most challenging projects there are. How else would we develop such great solutions in various fields such as augmented reality, biotechnology, machine learning and much more. You get an office with an impressive and fully equipped work zone. It also has a comfy fun zone, tasty&healthy food, playrooms and more. And you are the master of your own office time, work how you want, when you want, where you want.

Want to find out more before applying? You can always drop by for a cup of coffee/tea and a warm tech chat with our Enis.

Apply here.

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