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People in Need (PIN) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on the ideals of humanism, freedom, equality and solidarity. We consider human dignity and freedom to be fundamental values. We believe that people anywhere in the world should have the right to make decisions about their lives and to share the rights expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For more information please visit

The intended impact of Project Mostar is support sustainable, inclusive peace in Mostar via citizen-driven public space investments and cross-community initiatives and participatory democratic governance mechanisms that ‘cross the divide’ and directly respond to the priorities of Mostar citizens. The project will empower citizens to change the public discourse – from a narrative rooted in the ethnic division to one celebrating the shared civic, social and economic life in Mostar. In parallel to the Mostar-level objectives, the project will have an impact beyond the city limits, via comprehensive, multi-level amplification actions engaging a range of local, national, and regional media actors, civil society networks and the wider peacebuilding community. Together, the alternative positive narrative coming from Mostar will provide hope and inspiration to the wider Western Balkan region. The project is being implemented by a consortium of international and local civil society organizations, under the leadership of the Czech Republic-based organization, People in Need (PiN).

Purpose of the assignment

Among the other activities, PIN with the participation of the project’s consortium members and with the support of UK Government intends to improve indoor and outdoor public space infrastructure in the City of Mostar over the two years of the project.

The purpose of this consultancy is to provide support to the project team in preparation of technical documentation for procurement of works and/or equipment for outdoor (technical specification for investments, bills of quantity, etc.) and indoor public spaces, review of submitted investment actions that include infrastructure works and/or equipment and to assist with field monitoring of approved actions.

PIN wishes to contract a recognized and capable entity (hereby known as the “Bidder”) to provide services under these Terms of References.

In coordination and with the assistance of PIN, the Bidder will do preparation of technical specifications and bill of quantity actions required in outdoor and indoor spaces in the City of Mostar. Furthermore, the Bidder will support the project team in the evaluation of proposed actions in outdoor and indoor public spaces. The Bidder is obliged to assess the completed works in line with the relevant construction design documentation and agreed conditions.

Also, the Bidder should evaluate executed construction works in accordance with the public safety regulations and good practice, Entity Spatial Planning and Construction Acts and relevant by-laws, technical regulations, general and special technical conditions and professional codes etc in force in Mostar.

The preferred bidder(s) will be required to enter into a framework contract of fixed price with one bidder (Purchase orders – PO) for a period of 9 (nine) months with PIN for the provision of the services of Technical Advisory Support on conditions set out in these Terms of References.

The contract awarded from this tender to successful supplier(s) is a Framework agreement (FWA) of fixed price. A framework is a non-exclusive agreement with a single supplier to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the period of the Framework agreement. In other words, it sets out terms and conditions for making specific purchase at a set price. PIN, as the contracting authority, does not guarantee any volume of orders under Framework agreements as all purchases will be based on the needs and activities of PIN.

The FWA will set prices for the FWA duration of 9 (nine) months. During the framework agreement contract individual purchases will be initiated by Purchase orders (PO).

Duties and Responsibilities

For the Bidder’s technical and budgeting purposes, PIN proposes to perform services within the Project Mostar. The services will be done both in the premises of PIN and in the premises of the Bidder, but also in the field (City of Mostar area) in order to improve public spaces of Mostar city.

Under the direct supervision of the Project Director/Project Manager, the Bidder will undertake following tasks:

Task 1. Technical advisory support to the Project Mostar team in preparation of technical documentation and bills of quantities for investments in outdoor public spaces

Ñ Prepare bills of quantities and descriptions of works based on the technical assessments for approx. 17 project actions (e.g. infrastructure actions and/or procurement of outdoor equipment) for improvement of outdoor spaces in total amount of approx. 170,000 GBP (VAT included).

Ñ Provides input for tenders and performs quality checks for relevant procurement for improvement of outdoor public spaces.

Task 2. Technical advisory support to the Project Mostar team in improvement of lighting in the outdoor public space

Ñ Provides input for tender and performs quality checks for relevant procurement for improvement of outdoor public space lightening in the amount approx. of 100,000 GBP (VAT included).

Task 3. Undertake monitoring and quality assessment/verification

Ñ Monitor and evaluate the execution of planned actions under Task 1 and Task 2 of this ToR.

Ñ Conduct field visit(s) – verification of quality and quantity of conducted works (planned/reported vs used) including assessment of whether completed works are in line with the relevant construction design documentation and agreed conditions.

Ñ Evaluate executed construction works in accordance with the public safety regulations and good practice, Entity Spatial Planning and Construction Acts and relevant by-laws, technical regulations, general and special technical conditions and professional codes etc.

Ñ Check whether there is evidence of the quality of materials, equipment and installations which will be installed or placed in the building; and whether there is documentation proving their quality (attestation, certificate, etc).

Ñ Resolving other issues which could arise during the construction, i.e. performing works.

Ñ Prepare reports for each construction work, including costs verification, identification of inconsistencies, identification of potential risks and recommendations. Prepares corresponding documentation, fills all necessary technical monitoring tools, and periodical/ad hoc reports as required. The report will be used to support payments according to approved budget.

Ñ Each site should be visited at least twice during the construction phase.

Task 4. Technical advisory support to the Project Mostar team in the evaluation process of potential small actions and selecting Contractors for infrastructure actions

Ñ The Bidder will provide consultancy to the Project Mostar team in selecting eligible actions planned to be taken under following grants schemes: indoor spaces, Cross-Community Actions to Use/Improve Public Space, Joint CSO-LA Actions (approx. 30 actions to be consulted)

Ñ Review of the public calls’ documentation to get acquainted with the purpose, provisions, procedures and other

relevant information.

Ñ Review of the technical documentation related to construction works submitted as part of the project proposal (construction project, construction permits, building project etc.).

Ñ Review of the proposed bills of quantity and detailed price schedule for submitted projects including validation to current market prices.

Ñ Review technical feasibility of proposed construction works in order to comply with required standards, regulations and design requirements and provide concrete suggestions for corrective measures (if any).

Ñ Provide written recommendation to the Evaluation Committee.

Expected Deliverables during implementation

The following deliverables are required and mandatory as part of the Technical Advisory Support:

  1. Completed bills of quantities and descriptions of works based on the technical assessments for approx. 17 construction projects.
  • At least two field visits conducted in the outdoor public space to inspect lighting works and final report on acceptance of works prepared.
  • Conduct at least two field visits per construction site for at least 17 construction projects of outdoor public spaces in Mostar. Prepare final reports and acceptance of works.
  • Completed technical evaluation of up to 30 project proposals with construction components under Task 4.
  • Provided inputs of up to 17 tenders for construction projects and performs quality checks for relevant procurement for improvement of outdoor public spaces.
  • Provided inputs for tender and quality checks performed for relevant procurement for improvement of outdoor public space lighting.

Expected Duration

The period of performance shall be from July 2022 to March 2023 depending on the construction dynamics. A schedule of specific activities shall be agreed between the PIN and the selected Bidder.

Note: The Bidder will be informed at least 2 weeks before the consultancies should take a place.

Payment modalities

Payment will be done on monthly basis per invoice submitted by awarded Bidder

Offer procedure

  1. If You require any clarification relating to the tender, such question should be sent to PIN by e-mail to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

No questions will be answered over the phone or in person. Bidders must write their questions in English.

Questions could be answered only until Friday, 22th of July 2022. PIN does not guarantee that all questions will be answered.

  • Offer must remain valid for the period of 60 days from the date of closing unless withdrawn in writing before the close of tenders.
  • Offers have to be submitted to PIN at the following email address: [email protected] before closing date and time: Friday, 29th of July, 2022 at 15:00. Bids received after the closing date & time will not be considered.
  • Email subject line should contain the following text: Technical Advisory Support– Offer “Company Name”

Qualification and evaluation criteria

  1. To accept or reject the bid is the responsibility of the Evaluation Committee, decision of which shall be final.
  2. Each bidder must meet and properly prove the following qualification criteria with relevant documentation:

Ñ Filled, signed and stamped Sworn Eligibility Statement (Annex I)

Ñ Valid Business Registration Certificate issued by government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Certificate of the Fiscal Number. – The Bidder must submit a copy of their certificate documenting authorization to legally conduct work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ñ Past experience in implementation of similar projects – Bidder should list at least three current and previous projects that are relevant to the type of work covered by this Terms of Reference (ToR). Projects identified should be of a type similar to the ToR specified work. If an Bidder does not have projects of a similar type, they should identify projects that show the ability to perform works as close as possible to the type identified. PIN reserves the right to contact all listed clients.

Ñ Required Skills and Experience of Expert Team members

Three Key Experts: Civil engineer, Architect, Electrical engineer Academic Qualifications/Education:

Each expert team member should have University degree for a 5-year Study Program from a recognized University.


Minimum 5 years of professional experience in the relevant field of civil engineering, architecture and electrical engineering especially in construction supervision and quality assurance.

Professional licensure in the area of civil engineering, architecture and electrical engineering in accordance with the Entity Spatial Planning and Construction Acts and relevant by-laws.

  • The evaluation committee will evaluate and award the contract on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

Ñ Price

Price is the only evaluation criterion. The winning bidder shall be the bidder who has submitted the lowest price offer.

Evaluation Criteria Weight
Price Ñ Offer should include hourly rate of engagement of the proposed experts. Bidder need to offer only one rate per hour for all experts. Ñ Proposed hourly rate represents the best value, and all costs included are applicable to this activity, reasonable and allowable under PIN internal procurement rules. 100 %
TOTAL 100 %

Summary of offer requirements

No. Document Remarks
01 Sworn Eligibility statement filled, signed and stamped
02 Price quotation Hourly           rate       per engagement of the expert
03 Commercial register record copy or other document certifying the registration with a government body and bidder´s tax registration
04 References     confirming     the                        applicants experience in performing similar projects.
05 Required Skills and Experience of Expert Team members University degree of each expert (no need to be authorized by notary), CV of each expert
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