PeaceNexus Foundation: New #call for proposals

24 maj
Rok prijave 11.06.2023

Civic space is under threat in the Western Balkans and polarisation is on the rise. Activists and organisations that advocate for social change are particularly affected. To stay active and impactful in such a context, organisations need to be strong internally and ready to adapt.

With this call, the PeaceNexus Foundation aims to partner with brave organisations and initiatives geared towards social cohesion and provide them with internal strengthening support.

The PeaceNexus Foundation invites applications from:
– Organisations and initiatives whose primary mandate is reconciliation and Dealing with the Past and who want to become more effective thanks to organisational development.
– Organisations and initiatives who wish to better adapt to their context and contribute to social cohesion thanks to conflict sensitivity.

This call is for actors based in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Information on the call and advice for applicants can be found here.

⏰ The deadline for applications is Sunday, 11th June 2023.

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