PBGMUN konferencija

8 jan

PBGMUN is the first Model United Nations conference organised by Prva bošnjačka gimnazija. The conference will take place in our school from 7th to 9th February 2020.

Participation fee is 20KM.
Lunch and snacks will be provided for all participants. All delegates will get a participation certificate, and we will give Best delegate awards and Honorable mentions at the end of the conference.

Participating in such a conference greatly improves your communication and debating skills. It also helps you understand actual world problems such as The Syrian-Turkish Conflict, The Poaching of Endangered Species, Human Trafficking and The Question of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons, which will all be topics of this year’s PBGMUN sessions. Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet new people, have fun and learn a lot of skills you will use later in the future!

Go apply now!

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