Otvoren poziv za volontere iz BiH za digitalno implementirani međunarodni projekat o ljudskim pravima

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Rok prijave 30.06.2021


  • Name of the project: Barrier Detectives
  • Date of Project: 12.07.2021. – 30.09.2021.
  • Partner organization: Verein für Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit e.V. (JuSeV)
  • Coordinating organization: ASA Programm via Engagement Global
  • Sending organizations: BRAVO
  • Place: Your local communities
  • Participants age: 18-30
  • The number of participants: 6 volunteers (BiH), 6 volunteers (MNE)
  • Working language: English + Bosnian + Montenegrin

  • Deadline for applying: 30.06.2021.
About the project

Do you know someone who can’t participate in daily life activities because society doesn’t care about that person’s needs and equity? Or does this apply to you?

Persons with disabilities (PWD) have to face this reality every day, but you could help get the ball of equity rolling! Are you inspired to volunteer your time learning about barriers and identifying those in public life, collecting data on accessibility at a couple of public locations to improve the status of PWD in your community?

The organisation “JuSeV” from Germany and NGO “BRAVO” from Bosnia and Herzegovina are giving you a chance to be a volunteer through the project “Barrier detectives”. The project is being implemented in Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. To that occasion, we invite young volunteers to participate in the project.

In this project, you will participate in a training about the rights of PWD and the way in which those rights are or are not respected in the target countries (with a special focus on your own communities) in an international online training (partly in English, partly in your own language). You will then have a chance to check for barriers in mobility and communication in several public facilities in your area (libraries, sports and leisure facilities, playgrounds, etc.), following a “barriers checklist” provided by the project coordinators. Similarly, you will have a chance to interview persons in charge of those facilities and advocate for more inclusive practices. Afterwards, we will analyze the data collected and share knowledge and experiences in an online conference, gathering guest speakers and volunteers from each participating country.


Some objectives behind this project include: 

– Raise awareness of issues persons with disabilities face in their daily lives

– Promote equity and social inclusion in local communities

– Train the volunteers in becoming life-long advocates of human rights, and rights of PWD in particular

– Promote active citizenship and international cooperation


Some activities the volunteers will participate in: 

– Interactive digital training

– Checking barriers in mobility and communication in local communities

– Interviewing persons in charge of local public facilities

– Active participation in an international conference

– Direct engagement with individuals with disabilities and organizations of PWD

– Networking with young volunteers from several countries

Profile of the volunteers:

– Aged 18-30, regardless of identity (gender, nationality, religion , beliefs, etc.)

– Students and young people of any profile who wish to fight for human rights for persons with disabilities and to gain international experience,

– Willing to detect barriers that prevent PWDs from meeting their daily life responsibilities by keeping records in checklists provided by the project coordinators

The project will provide:

– An education on the topic and training on how to detect barriers (online training, interactive, 2x3h long)

– Working in teams or individually, applying the knowledge from the training and execute barrier checks in practice

– To share the results of the research and experience through an online conference with other young detectives from other countries

– Certificate of participation in an international development project

– The necessary materials and support from the project coordinators

– The chance to address people in charge to advocate for better accessibility

Project timeline: 

– Online training in mid July (14. & 15., afternoon hours)

– Barrier checking in second half of July & first half of August (on your own schedule)

– International online conference in September (dates will be announced during training sessions)

More information you can find on the LINK

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