Otvoren poziv za IAESTE praksu u Švedskoj

3 jun


Employer Information:

Employer: International Consumer Services Sweden AB

Location of placement: Stockholm

Website: https://alatest.com/

Working hours per week: 40.0

Working hours per day: 8.0

Number of employees: 15

Business or products: a web platform that provides reviews, ratings and price comparison for a wide range of products.

Student Required:


Completed years of study: 2

Field of Study: Computer Programming/Programmer, General.; Computer Science.; Computer Software and Media Applications, Other.

Language required: English Excellent (C1, C2)

Required Knowledge and Experiences:

– At least an intermediate level of competence in Python
– Intermediate knowledge of programming for databases and manipulating
datasets (SQL)
– Solid understanding of OOP, established coding standards and conventions
– Ability and passion to work in team projects
– Knowledge or experience in serverless architecture (cloud) is a plus –
specifically GCP
– Any level experience or working knowledge with Angular 2+ is a plus

Other requirements:

The employer will require a small coding challenge to be completed by all
applicants that pass the first review round.

Work Offered

Software Developer
Are you looking for a unique career opportunity? We are a Stockholm based technology developer looking for software developers with hands on
experience in Python, Java and AngularJS. We look for people that like to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
We are hiring dynamic individuals – always looking to improve themselves and their projects. As we are developing applications that are already live in some
stage – experience with client interaction will be a plus.
Supplemental technologies that are beneficial to us are: Git, Java, Ansible, NoSQL database, BigData algorithms and data manipulation, HA application
design, BI data handling, ElasticSearch, Agile task management methodology, web scraping, GCP and Fussball

About Us

ICSS was founded in 2005 as the pioneer of the Product Reviews aggregation and analysis sector. We collect, structure, match, analyse, present and
syndicate product and review data, globally.
Our team is diverse, coming from every continent except Antarctica. We welcome all nationalities and backgrounds. Our company language is English.

Number of weeks offered: 60 – 78 Working environment: Office work

Within the months: 03-MAY-2021 – 30-DEC-2022

Gross pay: 15000 SEK / Month

Latest possible start date: 01-SEP-2021

For more information contact us:


[email protected]


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