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18 jun
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Civil Rights Defenders invites human rights defenders, activists and students to apply for the Human Rights Defenders School 2019 (HRD School) in Perast, Montenegro from 15-20 July.

Throughout the 5-day intensive training, HRD School 2019 will give young activists the opportunity to learn from experts and gain practical experience on human rights issues impacting the Western Balkans. Participants are expected to have some experience in civil society or grassroots activism and be between the age of 20-30.

The School will empower human rights defenders by sharing experiences and ideas, and improve their efficiency when protecting and promoting human rights in the region.
Civil Rights Defenders has extensive international expertise in educating and empowering human rights defenders, which has been adapted and utilized regionally by organizing HRD Schools in Serbia and Albania with over 150 participants in the past
five years.

The working methodology of the School is highly interactive, practice-based and centred around students. Its curriculum is a balanced combination of theory and practice, including both lectures and workshops delivered by international human rights activists and experts. The working language throughout the event will be English.

Participants in the HRD School will acquire skills and knowledge relating to:

  • The current human rights situation in the Western Balkans, including problems relating to discrimination of
    marginalised communities
  • The functioning of the EU, UN and Council of Europe human rights mechanisms
  • Advocacy opportunities at the local, national and international level
  • Communications, both written and spoken, as well as social media campaigning
  • Physical and online security

All costs associated with the event, including travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the organisers. For more information about the event or to submit your application, please visit HRD School’s website: https://hrdschool.net/

The application deadline is Monday 24th June.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

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