Otvoren poziv: The new Democratic Wo/Men of the Western Balkans

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Rok prijave 30.11.2020

Publish Date: 26 Oktobar 2020

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to work on your personal development and at the same time learn something new about politics, lobbying, communication or the fight against false news? Do you want to lead a country? You have answers, but nobody listens to you?

Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina has opened a call for the young people to participate in the project The new Democratic Wo/Men of the Western Balkans – Increasing Youth Participation in Democracy.

We are looking for young people 18-30 y/o from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia. You can apply alone or in a team of friends, classmates or colleagues, family members etc. going up to 6 persons.

If interested, please apply by November 30, 2020!

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