Otvoren poziv za 3 učesnika omladinske razmjene

19 okt
💁‍♀️With #BRAVO there is always something #supercool #superinnovative coming you way 🚈 Three lucky participants of age will get a chance to participate in #YouthExchange “Make Art Not Walls” that will take part in 📍Bremen, Germany 🇩🇪
Unfortunately, the world isn't so bright ⛱ and shiny 🌞 or everyone as many people on a daily basis experience discrimination on a whole sort of level.
Small step🚶‍♀️ forward humanity would be to encourage a group of young people to think 🧠 about what they can do to make change for the better 🔝Just as that, the goal of this youth exchange is to start by understanding 💡 the terms of radicalization, discrimination, racism, nationalism through sharing experience and ideas with a touch of art 🎨
All costs are fully covered 💯 so visit our website for details, application form 🗳as well as the homework 📃that you will have to bring with you 💼
This is once ☝️ in a lifetime opportunity that will change your and other lives for the better 💫 Be one of the domino pieces ⚅ that will make one after it moves and in that way do your best part in making a world a little better place to live in 💪
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